Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Around the world

#ja.wikipedia 発、あなんさん命名のウィキプロジェクト世界の旅では、1月からテーマを決めて、ある国とその関連事項を強化するという企画をやっています。今月のバング ラデシュでは、主要都市・最高地方行政区域である6管区の記事・ジュート(コウソ・シマツナソ)、世界遺産記事などが新たに書かれました。精力的なあなん さんの活動とみなさんの協力で、記事のグーグルランクは2週間で52位から11位へ上昇しました。

Japanese Wikipedia has articles on every nation. But most of them are still stubs - articles with insufficient information. We agree this situation should be improved to make Wikipedia a reliable source.

On December, あなん who is known as Ramendra on commons) and I created a new project on Japanese Wikipedia: ウィキプロジェクト 世界の旅, meaning "Wikiproject:Around the World". After a discussion what we can do on a chat channel #ja.wikipedia hosted by, he gave the name and I created the page.

For my first vision it was created just for dealing with the stub tag on country and foreign geographical stubs . As a result of a vote, stub in theme should be cared by a portal or project in a certain theme. So I needed such a geography oriented project. And after a day there were two new template: world-stub for geography related articles and country_stub for article for a certain state.

We agreed soon the article on state should be improved. By thank of boilerplate they have a certain size but lack much information: on economy, politics, geography, culture ... and many African, Asian and South American country have insufficient description. Then I read a Spanish Wikipedia collaboration project, state of the week: Spanish Wikipedians select an state article in each week and collaborate to expand it. I supposed it would work well on Japanese Wikipedia, too.

After a short term poll at the beginning of this year, we choose our first target: Bangladesh. First there are no Bangladesh city article but Dakha, the article itself was poor on many aspect, and only the current prime minister and president had their own article. I googled the word バングラデシュ, and Wikipedia article appeared at the 52nd rank.

We began to create articles on major city and its 6 division article. And its first prime minister. We expanded some existing artless like Ganga or Blahmaptra. あなん created all division articles
with a well-designed template with a map, and also three world heritage articles presented his another project "Wikiproject: World Heritage". Supposing he found this map on French Wikipedia. And other people joined editing. The key article Bangladesh have been fairly expanded and developed.

And just now I have found our Bangladesh article as ranked the 11th on Google ... ;-) Prost!


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